Indestructible rattle with which you will be 1000 times stronger!

The ratchet is one of the essential and elementary tools in workshop equipment that every DIY enthusiast should have. Historically, the ratchet spanner was used by watchmakers for precision work, carried out many decades ago. Master craftsmen used it to carry out their orders for the aristocracy and the monarch himself. What revolutionised the tool, however, was the invention of the first ratchet handle with interchangeable sockets. This innovation is attributed to an American by the name of J.J. Richardson. He made the discovery in 1863, which still significantly influences the comfort of this spanner today.

Nowadays, it is therefore difficult to come across a good set of professional socket spanners that might lack a ratchet. It is a tool that makes it possible to loosen and tighten screws without the need for frequent repositioning on the screw head. It is distinguished by the precision of its functioning and the excellent quality of the mechanisms used. This also makes it one of the tools that you acquire once for many years of comfortable use.

How do you know a really good rattle?

When deciding on a ratchet that is likely to serve us for a long period of time – it would be important to consider the choice of a particular model. It is important that it is reliable and made of high-quality components. The number of teeth will also be important. Some ratchets have an average of 20 to 72 teeth, but the model recently launched by NEO Tools has as many as… 90 teeth! This model is the ½”, 90-tooth, T-1000, 10-300 NEO ratchet, which immediately became the most competitive tool of its type on the market.

The ratchet even defeated the testing machine, almost causing it to fail, without even the slightest failure itself. Twice it exceeded the intended parameters, for which the standard is set at 520 Nm, finally reaching a force of 1,000 Nm. This is a result that is impossible to beat with current technology.

T-1000 ½” ratchet from NEO Tools brand

The ratchet impresses not only with its robust design, which is complemented by 90 teeth, but also with its ability to make precise strokes every 4 degrees. Its self-locking ratchet mechanism contributes significantly to the tool’s robustness, and the reinforced construction of the drive square further contributes to its durability.

The ratchet is made from chrome vanadium steel and chrome molybdenum steel. It has a two-material handle, guaranteeing a secure and solid grip. It sits comfortably in the hand, providing good support and allowing manoeuvring in demanding and hostile conditions.

The NEO Tools brand offers the ratchet together with a personalised box. Its design is based on the convenience and safety of storing and transporting the tool. Due to the fact that the 10-300 ratchet has a reputation for being indestructible, the box can also be used as gift packaging. The tool allows you to gain incredible strength in your work – definitely worth basing your most responsible tasks on it as well.

The ratchet and its universal use

The market has many types of ratchet to offer – pneumatic, cordless and manual. It is not without reason that the latter are the most popular. They are characterised by versatility of use, reasonable price and convenience of use. They can be found both in a professional workshop and in the workroom of a DIY enthusiast. However, no matter where they are to be used, it is not worth choosing low-quality ratchets. It is much better to equip yourself with a more durable tool, which, although slightly more expensive, will last for decades.

The versatility of the ratchet is increased by accessories such as adapters, extensions or sockets, among others. The NEO Tools brand has additional components to offer that are just as durable as the T-1000 ratchet itself. Consider the modern technology and high-quality workmanship of the groundbreaking NEO Tools brand before deciding which ratchet you will rely on for your everyday work.