Choosing the right cordless drill driver

Which drill driver to choose? Sooner or later this question pops up when you need to screw something on or off, or carry out an assembly. There are, however, many more uses for such a device. Its functions can make work easier and quicker, help with small repairs or contribute to the smooth refurbishing of a kitchen, a room or an office.

A drill driver is one of the most basic and indispensable power tools both for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. It is also an item that will come in handy at home, on the plot of land or in the garage. The versatile nature of drills prompts manufacturers to offer various tool models in respect of their charging, power and other parameters.

Working with impact and brushless motor

The 100 Nm Energy+ 04-616 hammer drill driver is one of the latest offerings from NEO brand. It has been developed in respect of its performance, durability and even better working results. The device features a brushless motor with two impact frequency gears:

– 1st gear – 7680,

– 2nd gear – 30400.

The drill driver has selectable direction of rotation and variable speed control. The maximum spindle speed in the first gear is 450 rpm and in the second gear it reaches 1900 rpm. The highest torque of the unit is 100 Nm.


Energy+ system drill driver

The drill driver (SKU 04-616) matches the performance of some top brands. The item belongs to the modern, rechargeable Energy+ system. It functions on the basis of lithium-ion batteries with the following capacities:

Energy+ li-ion battery 18 V, 2 Ah, 58G001 GRAPHITE,

Energy+ li-ion battery 18 V, 4 Ah, 58G004 GRAPHITE,

Energy+ li-ion battery 18 V, 6 Ah, 58G086 GRAPHITE.

The 4Ah model is the recommended choice. The operating time on this battery reaches up to 60 minutes. Feel free to choose from a broad scope of usage. NEO drills and screwdrivers let you forget about the cumbersome wiring and repeatedly problematic search for local power sources.

Carbide chuck jaws

The 13 mm self-clamping chuck allows the drill driver to be efficiently connected to additional accessories. The use of carbide also contributes to a more robust clamping and long life service. Additionally, the metal head is less susceptible to damage. It also ensures an even better grip and the durability of the power tool.

Three working modes

The NEO drill driver offers as many as three working modes – drilling, screwdriving and drilling with impact. Such a wide range of adjustment options further enhances the adaptation of the device to specific needs. The power tool will be indispensable, e.g. when screwing screws and bolts into various materials. It will also be useful during renovations, for screwing furniture elements together, while working on roof sheathing, putting up plasterboard walls, building benches, gazebos or garden swings.

NEO power tools and ecology

When you choose NEO 100 Nm Energy+ 04-616 impact drill driver, you are choosing a tool that has been manufactured with a view to minimising harmful substances and using eco-friendly solutions. The drill driver is insured by a 3-year warranty period. Thanks to this solution, when one of its components wears out, it can be easily replaced with a new one or, in case of failure, repaired by a team of professional service technicians.

What’s more, Topex Group also offers the availability of many crucial spare parts, allowing you to replace them independently in order to minimise the costs even further.

By covering the NEO drill driver, as well as other products in the range with service warranty, you can be sure that you are buying a tool that will be useful for many seasons to come.