Infrared panels – modern heating technology for the discerning eye 

Heating the home, office or living space presents new challenges every year. Users are becoming more and more conscious about equipping their interiors with environmentally friendly appliances. The rising prices of traditional fuels used in old-style heating equipment are also not insignificant. As coal, gas or oil become more expensive, technologies are appearing on the market that offer not only more heating power and better efficiency, but also the possibility of saving money and better design. 

Infrared panels – the future is at hand

A real discovery in recent years are heating panels that use an innovative infrared energy method. Devices of this type are often equipped with a practical touchscreen, remote control or software linked to an app for easy control. The panel’s ability to be adjusted remotely allows the unit to be conveniently activated even when we are not near the house or other target space.  

How does an infrared radiant heating panel work? 

The heat emitted by the panels is very different from that from traditional radiators. The biggest difference is that it does not heat the air, but heats objects using invisible electromagnetic waves. Also, the warm air does not rise, and the infrared energy results in a warming effect for people and animals without unnecessary energy loss.  

It is important to mount the panel so that no obstacle blocks the flow of rays. For this reason, it is advisable to mount it on the ceiling or wall – at a height that allows the waves to flow freely. It is not recommended to cover the panel with a sofa or a table, as they will limit the functionality of the device. 

Which panel will be suitable for a particular room?

According to manufacturers’ calculations, 50 W of heating power is required for every 1 m2 of room. This is of course an average, which depends on factors such as: 

So all you need to know is the square footage of the room, multiplied by 50. This will give you the sum of the wattage and thus the appliance that will work best in the space. 

Heating beneficial to health and for allergy sufferers

As infrared panels do not heat or lift the air with dust, they are ideal for people with allergies. Also, harmful dust mites, pollen and other allergens do not circulate in the space. The lack of a fan also eliminates air drying, and the electromagnetic waves are compared by scientists to the natural heat of the sun, providing the body with valuable vitamin D. 

Using the panels therefore has a positive effect on wellbeing, while not producing harmful UV radiation. They are also said to have a good effect on relieving headaches, fatigue or stress. This type of radiation is commonly used in medicine to treat inflammation, shallow circulatory disorders or injuries. 

Savings with infrared heater

Infrared heating enables savings due to the low running costs of the device. Infrared heaters offer improved efficiency of up to 65% over traditional heating, and the use of electricity is up to 98% for modern panels. 

Using radiant heaters, perceptible heat appears immediately, without the need to warm up and heat the room.  

Comparison of old-style radiators and infrared panels

Assuming a room to be heated with the same height, building insulation or number of windows, it can be estimated that the energy requirement for convection heaters is at least 50 per cent more than for infrared panels. 

In addition, radiant heaters are characterised by: 

Modern design and comfort on many levels

Infrared heating panels are not only functional, they are also highly aesthetic. The NEO brand devices, for example, offer a clean, white form with an elegant finish. The 720 W infrared heating panel 90-104 NEO or the 450 W infrared heating panel, WIFI 90-105 NEO are characterised by a classic shape that enhances the aesthetics of the other objects in the rooms. 

Radiant heaters can also be positioned on the dedicated 90-109 NEO legs and placed anywhere in the space. 

Heating panels and their benefits

Infrared heaters have many advantages and are becoming more and more popular every year. Their greatest advantage is their comfort, ease of operation and the possibility of convenient temperature control. They are efficient appliances that are part of the modern wave of eco-friendly heating systems. They are perfect for both the cold winter months and the summer evenings of autumn and spring. 

Infrared heating panels: 

They will be the ideal alternative for demanding users. A wide range of infrared heating panels can be found in the Fixero online shop.