The Energy + power tool collection continues to expand! 

Power captivated in modern tools for professionals and DIY enthusiasts – the Energy+ battery-powered system frequently expands its range with new items. We give users guarantee and access to an even broader range of devices and associated capabilities of products. 

NEO Tools and GRAPHITE offer wireless power tools that are highly efficient and match the performance of their mains-powered equivalents. The applied technology ensures high-quality components, precision manufacturing and multi-season durability.

Take our tools on a… space mission!

Thanks to modern solutions Energy+ power tools can be used almost anywhere and in any space. Reach for the bestsellers:

in order to use them in a variety of tasks. Regardless of the tool categories you work with e.g. sanding, drilling, gardening or cutting – NEO and GRAPHITE equipment meets all expectations.

The wide range offer provides access to all kinds of indispensable tools that will come handy in any workshop and… any other place- don’t let your imagination limit you! (Admittedly, in case of space application we are still working on a cordless gravity screwdriver and a plasma saw, but knowing the ambitious approach of NEO and GRAPHITE engineers it is just a matter of time.)  

How to make the most of the Energy+ power tools full range?

All you need to comfortably use the cordless range of Energy+ are the power tool of your choice and a universal battery available in three capacities:

Don’t forget about one of the available chargers:

Energy+ system is an ecological and future-proof solution for all power tool users.