The Energy+ battery system, one system – two brands

One battery system compatible with two brands

Experienced tool and power tool users need no convincing of the advantages of cordless systems. No untangling cables, multi-tool operation, mobility and safety are just a few of the advantages they offer. However, each brand usually has its own individual system, which definitely limits the range for users. This is not the case with ENERGY+, which not only works with GRAPHITE brand power tools, but is also compatible with NEO TOOLS rechargeable devices.

The versatile and multitasking ENERGY+

ENERGY+ is a professional system that offers comprehensive operation for dozens of power tools on a single battery pack. It is distinguished by innovative product solutions, top quality workmanship and competitive performance. The cordless lithium-ion battery technology makes it possible to power almost any type of tool. The ENERGY+ can be found in tool categories such as:

So whether you are a professional in a construction company, an advanced do-it-yourselfer or a backyard landscaping enthusiast – the ENERGY+ system is the perfect answer to every need.

3-year warranty (or longer)

Both GRAPHITE and NEO TOOLS devices – including batteries and chargers – are characterised by many years of usefulness, durability and resistance to the effects of intensive work. The best proof of this is the 3-year warranty offered by the ENERGY+ system in the case of GRAPHITE products. The offer is dedicated to both individual customers and companies. It includes power tools, appliances, batteries and chargers.

Ecology and the battery system

The environmental aspect is also an important objective of ENERGY+. By providing a multi-year warranty and offering users the possibility to repair their tool, the life of the tool is extended. Many modern tools are considered disposable. The NEO TOOLS and GRAPHITE brands develop power tools designed for many seasons of comfortable use.

What is more, ENERGY+ offers tools that are serviceable. An extensive range of spare parts gives products a second life and puts them back in retirement.

With battery systems, there is also no need to worry about cables, which are notorious for frequent failure. Not having to worry about cutting or damaging the cable, thus rendering the device useless, is a great comfort for those DIYers for whom it is important to know that they can always count on their tools.

Maximising performance – lithium-ion batteries

The ENERGY+ system is not limited to the 2.0 Ah batteries that are standard in many offerings. It offers battery options in up to three variants and 18 V power, enabling higher-performance tools and those with brushless motors to reach their full potential.
ENERGY+ offers:

Lithium-ion batteries are additionally considered to be unrivalled on the market. With their compact size, they are characterised by the ability to store up to 2 times more energy than, for example, NiMH-type batteries. In addition, they discharge slowly, even when unused for a period of 3 months, and recharge quickly.

ENERGY+ power charging

When it comes to power, the ENERGY+ battery system has also met the expectations of the most demanding consumers by providing not one, but two chargers in its range. Depending on the intensity of use of the power tools, but also on the number of batteries or simply on personal preference, ENERGY+ has made available in its range:

Why choose the ENERGY+?

The ENERGY+ battery system enables you to work comfortably at a high technological level with two of the leading brands in the power tool market – GRAPHITE and NEO TOOLS. Equipped with innovative solutions and designed with user convenience in mind, it meets all the requirements of a modern system for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.